Saturday, 18 January 2014


Sorry for the mega hiatus- it's January exams season! However they finish in Thursday and after that I'm going to London armed with my camera and determined to get some new bits as a post exams treat. See you all soon!
Bailey x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Life Update

Whew the past week has been hectic! Moving in to my new house in Bristol, London for a long weekend, seeing Gentlemen of the Road at the Olympic Park (amazing!!), and the glorious weather which has meant going to the beach everyday! (I'm now really sunburnt). Shopping has happened (oops) and I've lots of outfit posts coming up, don't leave! Bailey xo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just Ordered: Sale

What a lot of black and white! As you probably know Asos have a huge sale on at the moment, as do Zara and these are my picks of the bunch. I've been after a loose faux leather pair of shorts for yonks so  you can imagine how happy I was when I found these for only £15 in the TRF section. 

ONE Zara TRF Loose Faux Leather Shorts / TWO Asos T-Shirt Dress / THREE Asos Colour Block Cami / FOUR & FIVE Asos Black and White Socks with Sheer Insert

Sunday, 30 June 2013


What a witty post title, ha-de-ha-ha. (I'm eating a fab. Get it. Fab-ulous. Terrible, I know.) I'm home! I've finished first year, and through I'm popping back to Bristol next week I thought I'd make the most of the gorgeous beach where I live as a backdrop for this outfit, though it's not the most interesting. More of a post-work 'quick put something on to enjoy the last of the sunshine in!' type job. I'm getting worriedly attached to these trainers, they're just too darned comfy to cycle in. Bailey xo

Top £5 Primark (Current) / Shoes £10 H&M Sale (Current) / Shorts £20 Zara (Old)

Friday, 28 June 2013

Can You Blame Her?

So today I went and played tennis (inspired by wimbledon, I admit), I haven't played since my GCSE days, but it was good fun in the end! And I got to wear my new trainers, £10 in the H&M sale. This outfit was a little cross between needing to be practical, not wanting to look like a total wolly in my old school P.E shorts as I cycled over and trying out some kind of neon/sporty trend. These trainers are totally not me, and bought on an impulse. I'm still trying to work out how they look best so I thought I'd start simple. Have a lovely day! Bailey xx

Trainers £10 H&M (Sale- bought last week, not online) / Sunglasses £1 Primark (Similar) / Leigh Jeans £40 Topshop

Monday, 24 June 2013

Lust List #1

An American Apparel lust list today, after going in recently for my mum (there isn't an AA in our hometown) I was struck by all the amazing patterns that were on offer, as well as the new additions to the hair bows. It was so summery and lovely I couldn't resist putting together a lust list of things that would go just perfectly with sunshine and lazy summer afternoons. It's also worth mentioning that their swimwear is to die for at the moment! Have a lovely Monday, Bailey xo

ONE Sunflower Denim Cut Off / TWO Tennis Skirt / THREE Printed Chiffon Camisole / FOUR Chiffon Pleated Skirt

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dunga Dunga

Jumpsuits and jellies are clearly floating my boat at the moment! These dungarees were one of those spur of the moment finds which I picked up on a quick walk with my boyfriend. I got horrendously made fun of by the ticket man on the train to bath in them (he was lovely really). The top was another quick buy that cost £2 and I've worn loads already. I did buy some neon trainers to wear with these dungarees though I couldn't bring myself to wear them on this particular outing!

I've just come back from my first year at university- and although I'm so so sad to be leaving all my flatmates I'm happy because I get to see my little sisters, they turn two on wednesday, and I found out I passed my physics exams yesterday! Whew what a weight off my shoulders. I just have maths and spanish to wait for now but fingers crossed I've passed them too! Bailey xo

Dungarees £30 Urban Fox (Similar) / Jelly Shoes £25 JuJu via Office / Socks £3.50 Topshop / Top £2 Charity Shop (Similar)

Friday, 21 June 2013


Had such a lovely day today in my new Vulgar playsuit! It was gorgeously sunny in Bristol today, although it doesn't look it from the photo. I absolutely love this vintage playsuit, I wish I could buy everything from Vulgar, they have such lovely pieces! Definitely check them out if you get the chance.

Jumpsuit Vulgar via Asos Marketplace / Denim Jacket £40 Topshop / Sunglasses £1 Primark (Similar) /  Jelly Heels £25 JuJu via Office / Socks £4 Next (Similar