Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Life Update

Whew the past week has been hectic! Moving in to my new house in Bristol, London for a long weekend, seeing Gentlemen of the Road at the Olympic Park (amazing!!), and the glorious weather which has meant going to the beach everyday! (I'm now really sunburnt). Shopping has happened (oops) and I've lots of outfit posts coming up, don't leave! Bailey xo


  1. Just started following you on bloglovin, cute blog :) x

  2. Your t-shirt looks completely amazing! :)
    Laila xx

  3. Hey my lovely, I have nominated you to take part in the Liebster award, and to cut it short its for bloggers with under 200 followers to help network and connect with eachother, with a little question and answer time. Go on my blog and check out the Liebster Post that explains it in more detail. Hope you can try it out, love the blog and cant wait to see your answers. xx